William G. Austin, Ph.D., Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist
Evergreen, Colorado
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Wilmington, North Carolina
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William G. Austin, Ph.D., Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist

Colorado and North Carolina


Information about Fees for Forensic Services

  New and Restructured Fee Schedule for both

Forensic Psychological and Social Science-Based Consultation Services

 Dr. Austin has restructured the following new fee schedule for both his forensic and social science consultation services. The Coronavirus Pandemic has forced a new social and economic reality upon the world and fields of family law and child custody litigation. The fee schedule addresses the new world realities and the “weirdness of our times.” Dr. Austin has always operated his businesses with an eye towards charging fees for services in a manner that is consistent/comparable to, and often lower, than other national experts. Dr. Austin also has conducted his professional businesses with a goal of being responsive to the financial realities of the clients who pay the retaining attorneys’ fees. Dr. Austin aims to be both fair and flexible concerning the fees charged. He often allows for fees to paid over time after the provision of his services and end of litigation. He does so on the basis of good faith and trust placed in the lap of the retaining attorney and his or her client. Usually the parties are responsible, but it is not uncommon for them to not be.

Usual Customary Hourly Fee (UCF):                            $300

(25% reduction)

UCF applies to all Social Science-Based Services and all

Clinical-Forensic Psychological Services

Electronic or Virtual Expert Court Testimony:

            New Hourly Fee:                                                $300

            Minimum block of time reserved for testimony: 4-hours

            Minimum total: $1200, or ½ day block

Retaining attorneys may ask for a “customized” deviation from the UCF in light of his or her client’s financial situation. Dr. Austin will consider all such requests, including an agreement on how to share travel expenses and a “flat fee” for services to be provided.                                            

Dr. Austin has often provided expert testimony

by telephone or Skype. He has provided

video deposition testimony facilitated by a private

video-graphic company. 

It is expected the pandemic will necessitate

and make routine the need for electronic

expert testimony.

  Services Available in Colorado and North Carolina Locations
Evergreen, Colorado
Cary and Wilmington, North Carolina